What are the 4 Processes of Discovering Self?

What are the 4 Processes of Discovering Self?

The 4 Processes Of Discovering Self.

Do you feel stuck with an unending sense of dissatisfaction? Does it look like your life has no meaning and you’ve lost your way? No matter where you are now, you can check out the following self-discovery steps and light up your world.

1. Sincerely question yourself: This is the first step and the stage where you would have to be very open minded and most careful. Before now, you may have had this certain picture of who you are but going through this process, your actual reality may come up and there’s every tendency for it to be quite doubtful and surprising. You can talk to trusted friends and confidants about who you think you genuinely are, who they think you are, and how you feel about it. Their thoughts and reassuring words can be very helpful. Ask questions like: Who are you really? What are your good and bad habits? What are you passionate about? What are your values and how does your circle perceive you to be? Don’t be afraid to sincerely question yourself no matter how uncomfortable it may appear.

2. Wholly accept “you”: If there is anything you must do in discovering the power of self, you must come to the point of wholly accepting yourself. You must learn to acknowledge the good in you and the unhealthy traits you possess. If you have a healthy mind, then accepting you’re not to good side wouldn’t be an issue but a pessimist will only focus on the negatives and think there’s nothing good about them, in some cases, they end up justifying their wrong behaviours. Learn to be non-judgmental about your mistakes, fears and weaknesses. Celebrate your strengths and work harder on them.

3. Engage your mind power: There is so much the mind can do if it’s engaged to think more, grow more and do more. It’s time to quit toxic relationships, strengthen emotions and improve weak habits. There’s potential to release and purpose to fulfil. There are new dreams to be born, new people to connect, new lives to transform and a more quality life to explore. And you can’t achieve this by keeping the self-idle, you’ve got to challenge your mind- it won’t be easy, don’t stop, just move; one step at a time and a satisfying end will suffice.

4. Self-Awareness: Self-discovery is a life long journey. There’s always something new to see or know. The more feats achieved, the more self has to evolve. Yourself is alone, it doesn’t go away, people may go but the self stays, it is almost all you have and the earlier you realise this, the better. As life goes on, you should learn to retreat and do some questioning. Are you a better person now? How much of yourself have you come to accept? Do you now have a hold on your emotions or you need to become stronger? You are all you have, pay attention to yourself.

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