1. What is an example of Self Discovery?

There is no greater desire than living victoriously and basking abundantly in the many opportunities life has to offer.

But one reason the majority are still struggling to get to this point is their inability to appropriate themselves to the power of their mind (self).

1. Self-Discovery is the process of gaining a deep understanding of your own self, character, needs, values and purposes in Life.

2. Self-discovery is defined as the process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character and feelings.

It is important that you have a good understanding or knowledge of yourself. It is in learning more about yourself and who you really are that you can be able to know your strengths and weaknesses and work towards leveraging and or developing them.

3. Self-Discovery, start to examine your own thoughts, your words and your actions, in order to reach your own conclusion regarding who you really are.

Being aware of your potential allows you the power to chart the course of your life with focus and strategy.

Self-discovery is realising that your mind (self) is unlimited in its capacity to create whatever you desire. It is walking in the light that there are no limits to what you can achieve and absolutely no hindrances to how high you can propel yourself in life.

With the power of self-discovery, possibilities are endless and who you end up becoming is not essentially determined by your background, environment and or the circumstances that might have come up over time.

If the content of your mind is richly positive, you can change anything about you. Failure to realise the power inherent on the inside of you will only result in stagnation but if you desire a better quality life; one of greatness and success, then, you’ve got to appreciate who you are and navigate towards your passion.

People who are aware of their passion and identify their abilities find a path they want to pursue which in turn leads them to a life more fulfilling.

When you have no clear picture of the person you want to become or the things that matter most to you, you are likely to define yourself with the things that go on in your life on a daily basis and or what others think about you.

It is your responsibility to establish a balance of your life and you can’t attain this if you do not appreciate yourself and know your true worth.

Who you are today is an outcome of how much of yourself you know and how much you know about the power of your own mind.

Your life and the totality of your personality (what you do, what you say, how you live) is a reflection of your thoughts and your mind-set (self).

Sometimes, in your life you may feel that you have done all that know to do to improve your life and yet you still feel stuck.

This could be the result of not having the right guidance, or not monitoring your thoughts. In this case you will need to re-train your mind and re-educate yourself into seeing yourself from where you are right now.

Remember this important bit of information and that is. It does not matter what other people think of you at the end of the day. BUT it does matter what You, think of YOU.

Start believing that you are worth it, and that you have the power to achieve anything.

2. How do YOU accept Yourself?

According to Wikihow, Self-acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts of yourself. This means that you value the good parts as well as the parts that you think need improvement.

It starts with acknowledging judgements against yourself and softening those judgments, so that every part of yourself can be valued.

In this process, you would have to be careful with what self-acceptance is and what self-improvement is.

Choosing self-acceptance before self-improvement is much more important. While self-acceptance is accepting yourself exactly how you are in the present, self-improvement focuses on changes that you may need to make in order to accept yourself in the future.

At this point, you would need to recognize that you have only yourself; when every other thing and person is gone, you are left with just yourself.

I don’t think anyone can reject themselves, it’s mostly self-hate or disgust. When you completely accept yourself, you are more or less practicing a process that is like a reformation from self-hate and criticism to tolerance and compassion.

The point to start from is the imperfections that have made one hate themselves—baring them out and recognising them as a part of your journey and experience as a human. It’s okay to have unproductive feelings about certain things in your life but avoid being overly critical. You can start by making a list of negative thoughts you have of yourself and replacing them with what your strengths are.

Realise that challenges are part of life and there’s no profit in shying away from them. Struggles are inevitable, the earlier we get comfortable confronting and operating with them, the better. And you never know— an opportunity for success could be right there.

Reading stories of how other people have dealt with self-hate would help too.

Then point out the good in you, no matter how little. Highlight the attributes you value about yourself, your uniqueness and distinct abilities. If you find listing them at once quite challenging, you could put down one per day. Write notes to get better.

Hype yourself. Sing your praises. Do more fruitful work and be intentional. Hype your wins also, talk about how you’re good to only people you know share the same energy. Surround yourself with a healthy circle.

Don’t get worked up about the life you think you are supposed to have, accept your current situation for what it is and work towards creating the reality you desire to live. You could begin by setting out goals to help you create your kind of reality. Break them into bits, according to the capacity you can move with; one step at a time and your confidence is built as you go. Accepting yourself and living your desired reality can be much easier if you have a plan with specific goals.

And you know, you will never be able to accept your reality if you are not willing to let the wrong reality go.

3. How do I learn who I am?

As we grow up from childhood to the teenage years and then to adults, we realise that we have all along learned and listened to what the world or those around us have said to us.

Many have become doctors, lawyers, engineers amongst others not because it is what they really want but because it is what the world validates.

Truthfully, we are a sum total of the kind of environment we come from until there is a paradigm shift and we begin to learn who we really are.

While some grow up in an atmosphere where their thoughts and opinions are regarded, many grow up suffering from identity crises.

When young adults are left to go with what others think, they may not realise that they too should have their own identity and ideas.

Eventually, they become adults who allow others to make decisions for them, hence, encouraging an unhealthy sense of self.

They become less connected to themselves and feel their lives are nothing to write home about.

But when we are optimally aware and conscious of our own identity, we make decisions for ourselves and focus on what makes life more satisfying.

There is an opportunity to connect with people who are emotionally strong and with whom we are naturally at ease with.

A practice on the following tips can help you learn who you are:


Getting to recognize your individuality gives you an upper edge in learning about yourself.

You may start by journaling things about you. They could be the things you like, things that turn you off, things that are engaging to you, how you feel after each recreational activity, the books and movies that fascinates you, your aspirations, your thoughts on careers, sports, politics, entertainment and other things you may want to add to your life.

What makes you feel at peace within yourself?


This is a skill you would have to practice and learn over time. You would need to learn how to develop your decision making skill as you journey through self-discovery.

Say something about anything you’re involved in whether others may like it or not. You have a voice and the right to use it. Own it.

At first I found it really hard to make a decision and stick to it. But practice make better and you will become stronger at making your own decisions and sticking to them when you start seeing the results that please you.


It’s your life. Take responsibility for it.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, be the one to happen to your life.

Begin by leading in the things that you are passionate about. It could be setting out a time to write (early hours of the morning or during your lunch break), going to the cinema to see a movie with some friends, shopping for groceries, going to a place of nature and just breathing or calling up your friends for a catch up.


There’s always something new to discover about yourself. The self is like a growing spiral spreading like the galaxy, the more it spreads the more it evolves.


A big part of learning who I am is to invest the time in me.

What do I like?

Why do I like what I like?

How does it make me feel?

This will help you to learn what really makes you tick.

What really makes you happy, helps you to find peace in your life.

You could also think of it this way, it is like going on a date, or meeting someone new. The more you like the person the more time you invest in them.

Well you are all you got, so get to at least like yourself and treat yourself well and invest more time finding out more about YOU.

4. What are the 4 Processes of Discovering Self?

The 4 Processes Of Discovering Self.

Do you feel stuck with an unending sense of dissatisfaction? Does it look like your life has no meaning and you’ve lost your way? No matter where you are now, you can check out the following self-discovery steps and light up your world.

Sincerely question yourself: This is the first step and the stage where you would have to be very open minded and most careful. Before now, you may have had this certain picture of who you are but going through this process, your actual reality may come up and there’s every tendency for it to be quite doubtful and surprising. You can talk to trusted friends and confidants about who you think you genuinely are, who they think you are, and how you feel about it. Their thoughts and reassuring words can be very helpful. Ask questions like: Who are you really? What are your good and bad habits? What are you passionate about? What are your values and how does your circle perceive you to be? Don’t be afraid to sincerely question yourself no matter how uncomfortable it may appear.

Wholly accept “you”: If there is anything you must do in discovering the power of self, you must come to the point of wholly accepting yourself. You must learn to acknowledge the good in you and the unhealthy traits you possess. If you have a healthy mind, then accepting you’re not to good side wouldn’t be an issue but a pessimist will only focus on the negatives and think there’s nothing good about them, in some cases, they end up justifying their wrong behaviours. Learn to be non-judgmental about your mistakes, fears and weaknesses. Celebrate your strengths and work harder on them.

Engage your mind power: There is so much the mind can do if it’s engaged to think more, grow more and do more. It’s time to quit toxic relationships, strengthen emotions and improve weak habits. There’s potential to release and purpose to fulfil. There are new dreams to be born, new people to connect, new lives to transform and a more quality life to explore. And you can’t achieve this by keeping the self-idle, you’ve got to challenge your mind- it won’t be easy, don’t stop, just move; one step at a time and a satisfying end will suffice.

Self-Awareness: Self-discovery is a life long journey. There’s always something new to see or know. The more feats achieved, the more self has to evolve. Yourself is alone, it doesn’t go away, people may go but the self stays, it is almost all you have and the earlier you realise this, the better. As life goes on, you should learn to retreat and do some questioning. Are you a better person now? How much of yourself have you come to accept? Do you now have a hold on your emotions or you need to become stronger? You are all you have, pay attention to yourself.

5. What is the Importance of Self-Discovery?

Importance of Self-Discovery.

In a society like ours, where many are given the voices of others because they do not own their own voice, it is critical to understand why it is essential to take a self-discovery journey. An awareness of who one truly is has proven to be a reliable ticket towards moving to a more productive level.

Self-discovery is an instrument that helps us focus our mind, direct our energies and bring them to bear on a particular purpose. The more we understand ourselves, the more we grasp what we need.

Self-discovery helps us take a broad look at our values, passions, inspirations and natural abilities, this way we are able to know what tick the boxes for us and what doesn’t, which is very important as it enables us to position ourselves for a certain aim.

Now, have you ever seen someone who is so comfortable in their skin?

At some point, you begin to notice people are avoiding the person, and no, it’s not wrong, those who do not accept us for who we are end up being critical and opinionated in nature.

We need to appreciate and celebrate ourselves more and care less about the approval of others. This is how to win, you know.

Yes, accept who you are. Those who love who you are or who you are becoming will stay and eventually come around.

Our physical and mental health is also quite necessary. We can only do more if we are healthy in body and mind.

The more we gain knowledge of ourselves, the more we would care for our bodies and stay away from toxic people or toxic situations. It is pertinent that we are physically fit and sound in mind.

There are cases of people who do jobs others talked them into or simply to make ends meet, they are usually left with this dissatisfaction and void.

Going through the process of self-discovery opens us to taking up careers we love and are truly interested in.

Self-discovery also helps us take control of our emotions and actions. People who know themselves are firm in handling situations and taking decisions, they are not easily bossed around or intimidated.

If you have no strong understanding of yourself, people may see you as one whose existence is without meaning and purpose and they made then downplay your value.

There are endless possibilities and to explore these unlimited potentials and be an excellent personality, the structure of your thought pattern must change and self-discovery is one sure way of working this out.

Knowing ourselves enables us to reframe our thoughts and use more empowering ones.

Learning new abilities, self-development and unshaken love for ourselves despite our flaws and reassuring ourselves with positive words are what self-discovery offers us.

If we refuse to realise how powerful it is to discover our inner self, and then work towards our goals with standards, the society or our acquaintances will give us their own voice even when we own one.

These are some of the reasons of the importance of Self-Discovery.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi. Please leave them in the comments section below.

Also I have put together a powerful Self- Discovery guided journal workbook to get you started, which you can get right here.

Remember Todayz the Day to start investing in YOU.

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