According to Wikipedia, Self-acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts of yourself. This means that you value the good parts as well as the parts that you think need improvement.

It starts with acknowledging judgements against yourself and softening those judgments, so that every part of yourself can be valued.

In this process, you would have to be careful with what self-acceptance is and what is self-improvement.

Choosing self-acceptance before self-improvement is much more important. While self-acceptance is accepting yourself exactly how you are in the present, self-improvement focuses on changes that you may need to make in order to accept yourself in the future.

At this point, you would need to recognize that you have only yourself; when every other thing and person is gone, you are left with just yourself.

I don’t think anyone can reject themselves, it’s mostly self-hate or disgust. When you completely accept yourself, you are more or less practicing a process that is like a reformation from self-hate and criticism to tolerance and compassion.

The point to start from is the imperfections that have made one hate themselves—baring them out and recognising them as a part of your journey and experience as a human. It’s okay to have unproductive feelings about certain things in your life but avoid being overly critical. You can start by making a list of negative thoughts you have of yourself and replacing them with what your strengths are.

Realise that challenges are part of life and there’s no profit in shying away from them. Struggles are inevitable, the earlier we get comfortable confronting and operating with them, the better. And you never know— an opportunity for success could be right there.

Reading stories of how other people have dealt with self-hate would help too.

Then point out the good in you, no matter how little. Highlight the attributes you value about yourself, your uniqueness and distinct abilities. If you find listing them at once quite challenging, you could put down one per day. Write notes to get better.

Hype yourself. Sing your praises. Do more fruitful work and be intentional. Hype your wins also, talk about how you’re good to only people you know share the same energy. Surround yourself with a healthy circle.

Don’t get worked up about the life you think you are supposed to have, accept your current situation for what it is and work towards creating the reality you desire to live. You could begin by setting out goals to help you create your kind of reality. Break them into bits, according to the capacity you can move with; one step at a time and your confidence is built as you go. Accepting yourself and living your desired reality can be much easier if you have a plan with specific goals.

And you know, you will never be able to accept your reality if you are not willing to let the wrong reality go.

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